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Who am I?

I am the Head of Primary at a British School in inland Andalucia and a mum of a three year old. Although I work in the city I live an hour away in a quiet rural location.  I like nothing more than lazing by my pool in the summer and walking the dogs on the mountain or around the lake during the cooler months.

For more information about my career please view my linkedin profile http://es.linkedin.com/pub/adele-stanford/91/560/680/

Why am I writing this blog?

My motives for writing this blog are both professional and personal. I want to be able to keep a record of the developments I influence as a school leader and also to share some of my experiences with a wider community with the hope that I might then connect with others interested in similar developments. I also see this blog as a place where I can re-blog and therefore save some of the wonderful work other people are sharing online. On a personal level I find writing down the process I’m going through helps me to reflect and when needed redirect. I also want to be able to try and pat myself and my colleagues on the back when something goes well and having a start to finish record of developments will help me to do this.

My blog title

It took me many days to decide on wiredtoenquire as my blog title. I really wanted a title that reflected my belief system about learning and I feel this summarises my ethos. I believe all children have a natural curiosity that makes them learn best through experiencing situations and being able to question everything. Thus they are wired to enquire.  Much of what I record in this blog will be about enquiry based learning and the need for creativity in teaching. I will never question the importance of children learning to read, write, spell and do maths BUT I hope I will be able to champion teaching all areas of the curriculum through creative and active learning (where appropriate!)  Alongside enquiry learning I’m also keen to develop further work on life skills and the values based curriculum. I will be blogging about the development of these areas within my school.

I’m always open to others opinions even if they differ from my own so feel free to comment on anything I write.

To contact me please email- wiredtoenquire@gmail.com


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